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Every day in ITALY this research

Is being done 3.000 time

take advantage of them and increase your customers!

Potential of the target audience:

People affected by hair issue
0 m

Internet penetration stood at 86% of the population.

Social Media Users
0 m

connected mobile devices are equivalent to 132% of the population

a strategic marketing plan is

what you need

to be able to increase your customers

After complying with bureaucratic obligations you will need an effective MARKETING STRATEGY that can:

After complying with bureaucratic obligations you will need an effective MARKETING STRATEGY that can:

- Provide an accurate picture of the competition

- Identify the target audience for your product or service

- Identify the channels to be used

- Define a timeline of activities

Knowledge of the Italian market and target audience must be the basis of your success

Successfully promoting a service or the sale of a product in the Italian market requires proper marketing planning to identify in advance the appropriate channels for investment, the target audience, where to intercept them, and how to engage them.


Strategy delivery time: 14 days


First Contact

Collection of information essential to the implementation of the work


Study & Analysis

Researching the best solution and realization of the work



Delivery of work and explanation of content

I am Nicolò Procacci

an italian advertising strategist

Being Italian, I know the market and target audience very well.
I have over 5 years of experience in the marketing field, with the last 3 years dedicated to serving as an Advertising Strategist. My expertise lies in programming, launching, managing, and optimizing advertising campaigns across diverse platforms catering to both B2B and B2C markets.
Fueled by an analytical approach, I anchor my strategies and actions on data insights, consistently exploring new ways to achieve objectives."


190.000 €



Platforms used on a daily basis:

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