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Success is not always the accompaniment only of victory, but also of the desire for victory.

Friedrich Nietzsche


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not the quantity, but the quality

Deep background analysis

To talk about something, you have to know it. An essential requirement of any strategy is therefore a thorough analysis of the background on which it must be based.

Creating a strategy

The strategy that will be based on the premises acquired during phase one will have the challenge of identifying the best way to achieve the objectives.


Strategy execution always goes through a test & learn approach and constant discussion with the client.



Years Of Experience

Specialisations and fields

My atypical academic and professional background before leading me to specialise definitively in the field of advertising gave me a solid foundation in website development and social media management.
This has enabled me over the years to better understand how these different fields are important in a wider concept of strategy.


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the importance of doing things well

Having a strategy based on a 360° vision capable of grasping every aspect without leaving anything to chance is the best way to start doing things right.

I. The starting point: knowledge

Inadequate preparation is the first indicator of failure.
Mere knowledge of the service or product is not enough to make a work successful if it is not accompanied by a study of the target market and of those who have succeeded and those who have failed.

II. The development of a strategy

The preparation of a strategy able to achieve concrete results within a reasonable timeframe must necessarily be based on the all-round knowledge acquired through the preliminary study.

III. The pratical implementation

No strategy can ever be perfect from its conception, fluid Test&Learn approach allows the identification of the best way forward without precluding solutions that were not considered during the strategy realisation phase.

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